Saint-Amandde- Coly

Originally part of a
Romanesque abbey
founded in the 7th
century, the
massive, fortified
church here, with
a nave 48m (158ft)
long, still has
elements. Built
on the plan of a
Latin cross, it is
enclosed by 300m
(985ft) of walls. Its 30-m
(98-ft) high belfry-keep is crowned by a garrison. The
nave is lit by a stained-glass
window set above the threearched
doorway. The floor of
the beautifully empty interior
slopes gently down towards
the choir.
Concerts of classical
music forming part of the
Festival du Périgord Noir
(see p33) take place in
this church and in
those of Saint-
and Auriac. These
churches provide
both a magical
setting and fine