Saint-Michelde- Montaigne

47km (29 miles)
from Bergerac on the D936. * 312.
n Bourg (05) 53 73 29 62 .
The Romanesque church
here has a doorway with
columns and four intricately
moulded arches. The interior
features carved 17th-century
furniture and the Stations of
the Cross by the artist Gilbert
Privat (1892–1969).
Of the château where
Montaigne lived, only the
16th-century tower, where he
had his library and where he
wrote, remains. The beams of
his study, on the top floor, are
inscribed with 57 Greek and
Latin sentences and maxims,
that represent the Epicurean,
Stoic and sceptic ideas that
influenced Montaigne. The
views from the terrace stretch
out over the Lidoire valley.


About 44km (27 miles) from
Bergerac on the D936
to Castillon-la-
Bataille, is the
village of
Montcaret. The
church here has
capitals that may
have been taken
from an earlier
building. Nearby
are the remains
of a large Gallo-Roman villa,
discovered in 1827. It has fine
mosaic flooring, an inner
courtyard lined with columns,
a 60-sq-m (645-sq-ft) main
room with a triple apse, a pool
with mosaics of aquatic
subjects and baths with a
sophisticated heating system.
The quality and detail of
workmanship suggest that this
was a place of luxury. It was
built in the 1st century and
rebuilt in the 4th. Evidence
suggests that the site has been
inhabited since antiquity.