10 самых зрелищных ж/д маршрутов во Франции

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The most scenic trains in France
Published September 17, 2013, in France
The trip is part of the journey. Forget the TGV and take time to appreciate the speed of these trains from France not flying speed records, but offer an unforgettable experience to their passengers. Warning at the start!

True, it takes four hours to link Bastia to Ajaccio , but U trinighellu , the little train that runs through the breathtaking scenery of Corsica , keeps a certain charm. Along 232 km, the network of Corsica railroad consists of two lines, one linking Bastia to Ajaccio via Corte (Central line) and the other rushes to Calvi from Ponte-Leccia (line Balagna). The central line, which runs through the tortuous terrain center of Corsica, including the magnificent forests of beech and Corsican pine, has many structures: there are not there less than 30 tunnels and fifty bridges and viaducts . the longest tunnel (3200 m) is located under the collar of Vizzavone, 900 m ( www.ter-sncf.com/corse ).

Linking Nice to Digne-les-Bains in nearly 3:30 , the Pignes train is an excellent observatory to discover the Provence Alpes. From Nice, the railcar was the Var valley to Entrevaux and ends its route in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence along several structures (steel bridges, viaducts, tunnels). This process however is not a tourist destination; it also fills a real public service role in this hinterland somewhat neglected by the major transport routes (60% of its users are not tourists). The line operated by the railways Provence offers 4 round trips Returns per day ( www.trainprovence.com ).
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Pignes train, Alpes-Maritime. ADT 04

Want tu clouds? So take the train. One of the Rhune takes you 905 meters above sea level in about thirty minutes from the neck of St. Ignatius (169 m), near the picturesque village of Sare . You will certainly not intoxicated by the speed of the rack railway built in 1924 (just 10 km / h), but once at the top of the Rhune, discover a breathtaking view that embraces the Pyrenees, the coast Basque , Atlantic ocean from San Sebastian to Biarritz and the beaches of the Landes. the train runs from February 11 to November 11 ( www.rhune.com ).
image: http://www.lonelyplanet.fr/sites/default/files/rsz_train_de_la_rhune.jpg

Train of Rhune, Pyrenees-Atlantiques. David

Not sure that the first passengers of the train have been as much fun as we contemplate the landscapes of the Somme valley . In 1916, this steam tortillard indeed served to transport the French soldiers of the Great War to the front. Black smoke, choo-choo thunderous, benches jigger … During an hour over a distance of 14 km, one feels the passengers of a giant toy. At Froissy , starting hamlet train, museum brings together a hundred locomotives and wagons of the early century. Open from 24 April to 25 September, Sundays and holidays. From July 5 to August 27 every day. Full price / 5-12 years: 9.50 / € 6.50. Site Information www.appeva.org

This train there, snaking 2000 meters, on a mountainside in Ossau Valley , is simply the highest in Europe ! If shaking on a 10 km route, it reserves a series of shows all as stunning as each other: plateaus, valleys, rocks, pine forests, peaks and lunar atmosphere … Two possibilities on arrival: continue to the lake Artouste (20 minute walk) or to the refuge of Arrémoulit (about 1 hour walk). Information 05 59 05 36 99, www.train-artouste.com . Ticket and cable car to access the train station Artouste-Fabrèges. Daily from late May to mid-October. Full rate / reduced 22,50 / 18 € tour and lake.
image: http://www.lonelyplanet.fr/sites/default/files/rsz_1train_artouste.jpg

Petit train Artouste, Pyrenees-Atlantiques. Benedict Dandonneau

For a trip to the strains of conjugated formerly beautiful landscapes, get on one of the six steam cars of the train beginning of the century, which since Paimpol , joined Pontrieux in 30 minutes; unless you want to include a stop at the House of the estuary of Traou Nez for a tasting of products from Brittany (then take 1 hour 30). The machine 15 m long, historic monument, leading to 70 km / h through the forest, along the river and offers beautiful views, especially from the castle of Roche Jagu. Comments hostesses in period clothes punctuate the route. The steam Trieux ( www.vapeurdutrieux.com ) runs from early May to mid-September.
image: http://www.lonelyplanet.fr/sites/default/files/rsz_train_vapeur.jpg

Train Trieux Cotes d’Armor. Janet McKnight

Now boarding station in Grenoble ! Past industrial areas, that is Vif that the real fun begins, with the cliffs of Vercors parading majestically behind the window. After the tunnel Col du Fau, the line into the heart of Trièves tray, revealing both its wonders, the Mont Aiguille and Obiou . Through 27 tunnels, 5 bridges, 15 viaducts and a handful of small stations the charm of yesteryear, such as that of Clelles, the 110 km of this spectacular line take the traveler in a magical setting, from peak to plateau isérois high-alpine. Count 2:30 to go ride. Full fare about € 20. Between 4 and 6 trains per day ( www.ter-sncf.com ).

Picturesque as can be, the line of Swallows crosses the Jura from north to south , from Dole to Saint-Claude. A good way to discover the department of original, this TER takes you 123 km through the Jura landscapes, crossing no less than 36 tunnels and 18 viaducts. If you can move freely on the regular line, several guided tours are also available from local tourist offices. The formula Oxygen from Dole, for example, includes travel by train commented, regional meals, the museum of the bezel and a cheese factory. For the entire route, count 2 hours 30. There are 14 escorted tours , from Dole, Arbois, Champagnole, Chaux-des-Crotenay, Morez and Saint-Claude. Information: www.tourisme-paysdedole.fr and www.ot-saint-claude.com
image: http://www.lonelyplanet.fr/sites/default/files/rsz_train_ligne_des_hirondelles.jpg

Line of Swallows, Jura. Julien Carnot

The Catalan colors, the «Yellow Train» or the «Canary» of the metric line Cerdanyà long 62.5 km, climbing to conquer the Pyrenees on 6% ramp at the Col de la Perche. He crossed vaulted or hanging viaducts and 19 tunnels beauty. The trip takes between 2:30 and Villefranche «international station» Latour-de-Carol-Enveigt, via Font-Romeu . Cars called «boats» date back to 1912, others 1937. A snowplow truck into service in winter. The twister is not a toy: its narrow lanes are part of the national railway network operated by SNCF.
No stress ! The braking system says «aerostatic» unique in the world, works on slopes. No accidents to lament, except the test day before the inauguration, in 1909!
image: http://www.lonelyplanet.fr/sites/default/files/rsz_train_jaune.jpg

Yellow Train, Pyrenees-Orientales. Aleix Cortés

Early in the morning, after a little black at the station of Clermont-Ferrand , jump aboard the direct train to Nîmes , the Cevennes — duly provided with bread, cheese and sausage. If the train has lost its majesty and finds good shortcut, the ways he takes leave valuable memory. Doze quietly through the Limagne flat but do not miss anything from Brioude. Navigating between shale and limestone, gorges and viaducts defying weightlessness, nestled in an armchair. Mythical, technological feat at the time of its creation, this trip can be a slow, swinging alternative to the TGV, or the opportunity to embark on one of the great hiking trails that dot its path (GRP «The Cevennes «from La Bastide or GR®67 from Ales).
At the counter, ask the direct train to Nîmes — otherwise the train offers a journey faster and less wild, with Lyon.

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