10 лучших десертов Франции

Canelé Bordeaux, Gironde, France

Where gorging on sweets in France?

Où se gaver de sucreries en France ?

To hell with the diet! Long live the good stuff! Nothing like a little sugar to forget his worries.

1. Caramels d’Isigny (Calvados)

The added value provided by the small town of Isigny in the preparation of caramels is the use of local dairy products of high quality — fresh cream or butter — AOC today, incorporated sugar after cooking according to a traditional recipe . Small amber or darker squares, which, hard or soft, made ​​the fame of Isigny since the end ofXIXth century, enrich a choice of vanilla, salted butter — not hesitating to borrow Guérande salt, equally renowned — or, to stay in Normandy, calvados …

The workshops of Normandy Caramels (www.caramels-isigny.com) Are the only remaining factory traditional caramels in Isigny; they visit in the summer, but the shop is open all year.

2. Nougatines Poitiers (Vienne)

These delicious nougatine s are made ​​of ground almonds, caramel and dipped in meringue. A round sweet, slightly flattened, which belongs to the gastronomic heritage of Poitiers alongside the buttons . It literally melts on the palate and is sometimes coated with chocolate or ice.

They are found chocolate coated pink and presented in bags or «drawer» at home Rannou-Métivier (www.rannou-metivier.com).

3. Nougat from Montelimar (Drôme)

Softness imported to East , from theXVIIth century in Provence , the nougat owes its growth to Montelimar to the agronomist Olivier de Serres. With almond trees he planted around Montelimar, the first to be introduced in France , the almonds gradually replaced the walnuts in the traditional recipe nougat. Today, ten companies carry on the tradition; the «mention  Montélimar nougat  » is reserved for products containing at least 30% almonds, or 28% almonds and 2% pistachios, and 25% honey.

In Sault, in Vaucluse, other countries nougat, it is made from lavender honey (www.nougat-boyer.fr).

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Nougat from Montelimar, Drôme, France.

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4. Canelé Bordeaux (Gironde)

Caramelized and crispy outside, soft on the inside, flavored with rum and vanilla, canelé is in Bordeaux that the Mona Lisa is to the Louvre: a star in the window. This small cake molded in a striated cyclinder, convenient to consume, is closely associated with the city that he was born atXVIIIth century, in the kitchens of the Annunciation Convent . Its vanilla came from the colonial port and egg yolks, wine cellars where the «bonding» of the wine is operated with egg whites; yolks were then given to the nuns. On site, Baillardran shops have made ​​canelé a luxury , but he sells delicious in craft bakeries in the city center.

The tendency is to taste the canelé with a sweet Sauternes.

5. Kouign amann, Douarnenez (Finistère)

Specialty Douarnenez whose name literally means «butter cake», the Kouign-Amann displays proportions to pounce dieticians: 500 g flour 375 g butter (obviously salty, Britain oblige!) And 200 g of sugar. It is the shortage of flour and plenty of butter at the time, who gave birth to him in 1860. This indulgence puff pastry, the golden and caramelized crust, is only successful when it is revealed particularly m.p. inside. The Britons know this: it’s hard to find a Kouign-Amann made ​​in the rules of art.

Biscuiterie de Douarnenez and Lucas bakery in Douarnenez, are among the best Kouign-Amann of the region.

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Kouign-Amann, Douarnenez, Brittany, France.image: http://www.lonelyplanet.fr/sites/all/themes/zen/lonelyplanet/images/creative-commons.png

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6. Bêtises Cambrai (North)

At Cambrai , we fight to take … a stupidity . For two centuries, two families, Despinoy and Afchain, claim authorship of the famous peppermint due, according to legend, to the folly of a stunned apprentice. In 1850, the justice ruled: Despinoy is the «creator», Afchain «inventor». A pusillanimous judgment that solved nothing. Since then, the battle continues. The taste of the two treats — which now come in several flavors, green apple with hazelnut through Violet — remains the same.

Both houses are Afchain Despinoy and visit their workshops (www.tourisme-cambresis.fr).

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Nonsense of Cambrai, northern France.

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7. Bergamotes of Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle)

Square, amber and deliciously tangy yellow color, bergamot is Nancy greed , to very particular flavor, you must try. Developed by the Lillig confectioner 1850, its exact recipe is still kept secret today, but we know it is made ​​from boiled sugar, which is added to the natural essence of bergamot. Then the mixture is poured onto an oiled marble, then cooled before being cut. The real bergamot Nancy are sold in bags or in a metal box.

Bergamot is a citrus fruit that resembles a small orange. This is his zest that produces natural bergamot essence.

8. Calissons of Aix-en-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône)

This small elegant and refined smooth, diamond-shaped and covered with a topping of royal icing, reveals aromas of almonds and candied melon. Specialty of Aix-en-Provence , it would have appeared in 1473, when the second marriage of King René, although other versions diverge. With the introduction of the culture of almond in Provence atXVIth century that its manufacturing and marketing are growing. Its success is never denied: the first plants Calissons appearXIXth century and even today, some renowned confectionery perpetuate the tradition .

Available in many confectionery, calissons remain a premium product.

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Calissons d & # 039; Aix-en-Provence, Bouches-du-Rhône, France

9. candied fruits of Apt (Vaucluse)

Melons, oranges, lemons, cherries or even greedy violets: the candied fruit are variegated garden of Eden. Their development is to skillfully replace water by the fruit sugar. This technique dates back to the Middle Ages and even to Antiquity (with honey). She had her first big success when the popes settled in Avignon , succumbed to this softness. Apt then became a »  jam pot  » (Madame de Sevigne), and developed a flourishing trade. World capital of candied fruit , the city brings together aujourd ‘hui four confectioners, whose leader in tonnage.

The Industrial Adventure museum recounts the saga of candied fruit and plant Kerry Aptunion to visit (www.luberon-apt.fr).

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Candied fruit d & # 039; Apt, Vaucluse, France.

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10. Anis of Flavigny (Côte-d’Or)

Flavigny fell asleep, but the village still retains a magnet: home Troubat . It produces these white pellets gently aniseed , whose recipe dates back toIXth century, the Burgundians of all ages suck with unflagging pleasure. Browse by cinephile cobbled streets lined with old houses; even if you can not find the shop run by Juliette Binoche in Chocolat (Lasse Hallström, 2000), your soul will be sensitive to the spirituality that emanates from the still very active monasteries of the medieval city .

The famous house of Flavigny Anis receives every day. You can visit the factory and the Carolingian crypt of the abbey (http://anis-flavigny.com).

image: http://www.lonelyplanet.fr/sites/default/files/anis_de_flavigny.jpg

Anis de Flavigny, Cote d & # 039; Or, France.

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