Abbaye de Chancelade

Set in the Beauronne valley,
the Augustinian Abbaye de
Chancelade was founded in
the 12th century, and became
an important centre of intellectual
life. Having survived
the Hundred Years’ War and
the Wars of Religion, it once
again became influential in
the 17th century. It is one of
the few religious buildings of
the period to have been partly
preserved, with a wash-house,
stables, workshops and a mill.


26 place
Francheville, Périgueux (05) 53 53
10 63. # daily (access to the
exterior only).


From the abbey, a marked
14-km (9-mile) long path
through woods leads to the
old village of Les Maines, with
a view of the former Templar
house at Les Andrivaux.
The Prieuré de Merlande,
4km (3 miles) northeast of
Chancelade is a priory founded
by monks from Chancelade.