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The village grew up round
the 12th-century Cistercian
Abbaye de Cadouin (a
World Heritage Site), on the
pilgrim route to Compostela.
Until 1932 what was believed
to be the Holy Shroud was
kept here, and the village
grew wealthy from the
pilgrims who flocked to this
sacred relic. Behind the
abbey’s imposing buttressed
façade is the cloister, built
in the 15th and 16th centuries
in a mixture of Flamboyant
Gothic and Renaissance styles.
The carved finials and images,
of both biblical and secular
subjects, are a masterpiece of
stone carving. In the cloister
garden stands a tall, pagodalike
bell tower.
R Abbaye de Cadouin
Tel (05) 53 63 36 28. # Jul–Aug:
daily; at other times, call ahead.


Trémolat, 10km (6 miles)
northwest of Cadouin, was
the location where Claude
Chabrol shot his film Le
Boucher. From the belvedere,
there are stunning views of
the Cingle de Trémolat (the
great loop in the Dordogne),
and of the fertile plain. The fortified church, with its
keeplike bell tower, is
arrestingly austere. The village
also has some interesting, fine
houses, dating from the 12th
to the 18th centuries.