Le Bugue-sur- Vézère

An important tourist centre,
this sizeable town offers a
variety of attractions, from the
Aquarium du Périgord Noir,
with 6,000 fish, to the Village
du Bournat, where scenes of
rural life in the Périgord in
times gone by are re-created
in a large open-air museum.


Aquarium du Périgord Noir
Tel (05) 53 07 10 74. # mid-Mar–
mid-Nov: Mon–Sat (Apr–Sep: daily).
& 7
E Village du Bournat
Tel (05) 53 08 41 99. # Mar–
mid-Nov. 8

Grotte de Bara-Bahau
Le Bugue. Tel (05) 53 07 44 58.
# Apr–mid-Nov: daily; mid-Nov–Dec
& Feb–Mar: Tue–Sun. ¢ Jan. 8 &
This cave has a large gallery
of unusual rock formations.
This leads to a cavity with
engravings of bears, horses
and bison, as well as hands, a
phallus and other symbols.


Gouffre de Proumeyssac
4km (2.5 miles) from Le Bugue, on
road to Audrix. Tel (05) 53 07 27 47.
# daily. ¢ Jan. 8 &
The cathedral-like domed
interior of this cave contains
mineral formations in a huge
variety of shapes. There is
also a fascinating display on
geological formations. By prior
arrangement, visitors can
descend into the chasm in a
cradle suspended on cables,
as the first people to explore
this cave would have done.


At the confluence of the
Vézère and the Dordogne,
5km (3 miles) southwest
of Le Bugue, is the village
of Limeuil. It has a
pleasant riverside
beach and many
workshops. Narrow
streets lead up to the
grounds of the château
and an arboretum.
Thomas à Becket once
visited the elegantly
proportioned Chapelle
Saint-Martin here.
At Le Buisson de
Cadouin, 10km (6
miles) south of Le
Bugue, are the Grottes
de Maxange. Found
in 2000, these caves
contain extraordinary
rock formations.
T Grottes
de Maxange
Le Buisson de Cadouin.
Tel (05) 53 23 42 80. #
Easter–Oct: daily.