The Tursan is an area of lush green valleys, where
maize, grown to fatten geese and ducks for foie
gras, is the major crop. Tursan wine has been
produced for centuries and, in the 11th century,
Eleanor of Aquitaine had it exported to the English
royal court. Light red, very dry white and rosé wines
are made from grapes grown on 460ha (1,140 acres)
of steep, terraced vineyards. The road over these
hills follows a scenic route past wine estates, a
spa town and some very picturesque buildings.

Samadet 1
Renowned for
its clay and for
timber, Samadet
was the home
of the Royal
Faïence Factory,
which closed
in 1831.

Pimbo 2
This ancient bastide town has
one of the Landes’ oldest abbey
churches, a vestige of the
Benedictine communities that
settled here. Pimbo is also
the departure point for walks
through spectacular scenery.

Geaune 3
The capital of the
Tursan, Geaune has
cellars where visitors
can sample locally
produced wines.
For information,
contact the tourist
office at Geaune on
(05) 58 44 42 00.

Eugénie-les-Bains 4
This spa resort, opened in
1861, is named after
Empress Eugénie.
Michel Guérard,
who has a restaurant
here, offers gourmet
dishes and special
health menus.

Larrivière 5
In this town is the Église
a church dedicated to
rugby. The sport is
very popular throughout
southwest France.