10 лучших французских сыров

Французские сыры часто называются также, как и город, где их стали делать. Их производство защищено специальным лейблом оригинального происхождения — АОС, рецепты приготовления сыров хранятся в тайне, как если это было бы большое сокровище! Когда то эти сыры даже использовали вместо денег! Так что они точно стоят того, чтобы попробовать!


1о лучших французских сыров:


1. Saint-Nectaire (Puy-de-Dôme)

Важный пункт на калорийном маршруте route des Fromages, Saint-Nectaire — это маленькая деревенька, примостившаяся в центре Национального Парка Вулканов в Оверни. Фермеры расскажут вам о преимуществах сырого молока, необезжиренного молока и как оно превращается в настоящий сыр. Вы превратитесь в традиционного сыровара и будете награждены ароматным подарком. Хотите более духовной пищи? Загляните в церковь Сен-Нектар, полюбовавшись изящным фасадом одной из пяти самых значимых романских церквей, строительство которой началось в 1080 году.


2. Cantal

The Auvergne green country , vast territory where the cows flourish — regardless of race — whose milk is used to make the Cantal, spans the department of the same name. Stock proteins for the winter in a remote area, this cheese is one of the oldest AOC. We taste the young (one to two months refining), in-between (three to seven months) and old (over eight months). The region attracts hikers followers of rebellious in nature. An aperitif gentian (or Auvergnat Cola) followed by an invigorating truffles comfort between two ascents of puy, or between two stages of the route des Fromages.

Www.fromages-aop-auvergne.com — официальный сайт «Сырной дороги» —  route des Fromages.


3. Crottin de Chavignol (Cher)

What cheese lover resist a dung on a bed of salad, or hot on toast, accompanied by a small glass of Sancerre? Originally from the village of Berry Chavignol (linked since 1794 to the town of Sancerre) this cheese soft goat and rind is almost as famous as Roquefort and Camembert! True fans waiting for his bleuisse crust to appreciate its stronger flavor. The manure becomes robust (it feels a little goat) and fills its lactic flavors, both sweet and sour. Each year it manufactures nearly 20 million.

According refining, there are droppings Chavignol dry, soft, blue, or «ironed» (older and therefore more «spicy»).


4. Epoisses, Citeaux, Brillat-Savarin (Côte-d’Or)

The Epoisses is «king of cheeses throne on all the farms of the Auxois» , said Brillat-Savarin in 1825. This AOC cheese, powerful scent due to marc de Bourgogne, is still the favorite tables Côte-d’Or. The cîteaux, softer, gender Reblochon cheese is made ​​exclusively by the monks of the Cistercian Abbey (originally from the Cistercian order) which is the main activity. The Brillat-Savarin sharing its production between Normandy and Burgundy, but this is probably the favorite triple cream Burgundians.

The cheese Hess , 7 Place Carnot, Beaune, present them to perfection; also taste his «delight Pommard» mustard ( www.fromagerie-hess.com ).

5. Camembert (Calvados)

The village of Camembert cheese cradle became international symbol of French culture, also looks at a picture of Epinal: a tower overlooking a hamlet, surrounded by green rolling meadows. Tradition attributes the creation of the famous cheese from raw milk to the farmer’s wife Marie Harel and a native priest from Brie she hid during the Revolution. The cheese exports a century later, thanks to the train Paris-Caen and the idea of transporting it in a wooden box. The «House of the pie» describes its production, and in this process, we must pay tribute to the Norman cow, which produces the richest milk of bovine breed. The Durand cheese, one of the last Camembert Farmers Normandy AOC is 2 km from the center, on the way to Trun.

6. Ossau-Iraty (Pyrénées-Atlantiques)

Traditionally, pastoral activity and cheese processing are found in the mountains of the Basque Country and Bearn. The Ossau-Iraty, pure sheep cheese made ​​with whole milk, the minimum maturation period of three months, however, is a fairly recent illustration. Recognized AOC since 1980 and AOP since 1996, he originated the Pic du Midi d’Ossau, which overlooks the valley of Ossau and all the Béarn, and the Iraty forest, straddling the French mountains Spanish.

A road dedicated to this cheese allows to discover producers, sheep and dairies ( www.routedufromage-ossauiraty.fr ).

7. Roquefort-sur-Soulzon (Aveyron)

The philosopher Diderot awarded him, in his time, the title of «king of cheeses». Certified AOC, Roquefort has production rights in this village. Two kilometers of underground galleries, arranged in natural caves, home to the world-famous cheese. The faults that run through the rock, called fleurines ensure perfect ventilation. And so for 1000 years. Dotted around the village, you will see the ewes from which the raw material for the cheese city.

The aging cellars are open to visitors all year round, with tasting at the end. They are free, except that of the group company.





8. Boulette d’Avesnes and maroilles (North, Aisne)

Thiérache and Avesnois, to the North and Aisne border, strong cheese lovers are served. Advice to others: flee, or plug your nose! White cheese ripened in the cellar, the maroilles in the composition of many northerners recipes, succulent pie of the same name. The pellet Avesnes made ​​from enriched maroilles parsley, tarragon and colored red with the achiote or paprika, surpasses its predecessor in the circus smells.

To taste the waffles maroilles and chti’flette, appointment in mid-August, the feast of the Flamiche in Maroilles ( www.tourisme-avesnois.com ).


9. Munster (Haut-Rhin)

With the Vosges milk cows, Holstein and Montbéliard, the marcairies valley shape the Munster . Soft white when young, he puts up with oils and herbs on country bread. Taking age, it is also gaining body and is eaten sprinkled with cumin seeds. AOC since 1969, Munster takes its name from a charming village of Haut-Rhin at the foot of the Petit Ballon des Vosges. The municipalities of the valley of Munster recently bet on tourism, with the promising House cheese in Gunsbach, where you can follow all stages of manufacture.

From Colmar, head to the Petit Ballon. To visit the Cheese House ( www.maisondufromage-munster.com ), stop in Gunsbach; for farm inns, continue the climb.


10. Beaufort-sur-Dauron (Savoie)

At the junction of the valleys of Roselend and Arèches, the charming village of Beaufort-sur-Doron is the capital of Beaufortain , and is located north of the area of production of the famous cheese pressed paste, protected by an AOC since 1968. the manufacture of beaufort is made ​​exclusively from tarine breed of cow’s milk or abundance, and ends including a ripening in five months minimum, up to twelve months. The Beaufort was manufactured from June to October when the animals graze in pasture, is highly prized by connoisseurs for its taste and more ornate said.

The area of the Beaufort AOC includes the Beaufortain, Tarentaise, Maurienne and part Val d’Arly ( www.fromage-beaufort.com ).